Martijn Weisbeek ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> So I also read some people mentioned PHP's spaghetti-like nature. However, I
> also like to state that using PHP will enable a lot more programmers to be
> able to contribute.

Sorry - but at this point I have to interrupt you. We probably don't
need "programmers". Our main concern has to be content. The average
programmer (including me) would give you lots of template-systems
based on PHP/Perl/Zope/Whatever and is totally happy that there are
1000 ways to do this. But the content that comes from these people
is mostly crap - have a look at Tom's demo site  ;-)

So we have to be careful not to scare away the people that actually
can deliver the content of the site. IMHO it is way better to have a
<!--#include "incs/footer.html" -->
than a PHP-Page which -- for a more advanced system -- looks more
like a program than a content-container.

Just my 0.02 DEM
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