On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 09:12:58PM -0400, Tom Rathborne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > webbrowser. And there are content-management system that let some
> > people create content, lets others translate them and third ones
> > style them and yet another group program things (like my PApp ;)
> So, can we use PApp?

It's free for non-commercial use only (but it is technically open source,
which mainly says that I think the term open sourc eis useless) ;( The
biggest problem: it requires perl knowledge (to customize it) and I fear
that I would be the only one doing that in the long term. The same is true
for php or lisp solutions of course.

Se the first thing we need is asnwers to these questions: WHO makes
content. And then: "What do they need to be efefctive". AFAIK the original
site was done using scheme (which limits the number of people doing active
work). Doing it in php would greatly increase that number - using plain
SSI would be even more effective, unless we look at the various CM-systems
mentioned before.

Another thing: There are quite a number of other gimp-related sites - I am
quite sure nobody asked to geta ccess to www.gimp.org but just made their
own site. Maybe we should specialize www.gimp.org into as small a site as
possible that effectively collects links and pointers to other material -
yes, this will NOT ensure a common layout, but it WILL ensure that content
is accessible.

Here is another point: I did the initial layout for plugins.gimp.org using
m4, which allows creation of static web fragments to be included into
other pages. the first questions were: "how can i use that in php"? "how
can i use that in perl?". peopel do start their own pages because they
want to use their own layout, engine, whatever.

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