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> I don't post much, just like to watch the Gimp development. I absolutely
> love the program but since I've seen a few things about UI stuff lately I
> thought I might pose a few questions. As someone posted earlier it is
> impossible to make everyone happy, but I think that it would be good at
> least to find a majority.

well, all you are telling us is that the UI needs to get better. We know
this and we are working on it. Unless you tell us constructively what 
should be changed in your opinion the outcome might not be what you had
in mind though.

I think the current CVS version already has a better user interface than
1.2 although there's a lot of unfinished stuff that needs to be polished.
I'm certain that you will like 1.4, but it could become even better if
you start writing proposals or, even better, code.

> I don't think it will make much difference. If the GIMP people want to
> increase their market share they need to fix the UI, and make it
> feel like a native app.

He's speaking of the Win32 version here which of course looks and feels 
different than the usual win32 application. This feeling will change as 
soon as more GTK+ apps are ported to Win32. I'm sure the people will start 
to  like GTK+ looks especially since GTK+-2.0 will come with a much nicer
default look.

> To many people, it won't matter whether it's free, or whether it supports 
> the same features of a commercial product from Adobe that is far more
> polished.

Well, those people should stay with their commercial products then. This
is free software. We don't care about market share. We want to have fun 
developing our software and of course we want it to be as good as possible.

> My second suggestion is more technical, finding a way (and forgive me if
> there already is) to allow Gimp to have skins or something like that so
> that if someone wants it to *look* like Photoshop, they can. I defenately
> feel that some customizability is a key to a good UI. With the default
> being something that people are familiar with.

GTK+ supported skins (or themes) long before the Windows world had heard 
about this terms. If I'm informed correctly, GTK+ themes do even work on

Salut, Sven
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