At 10:24 06.06.01 +0200, David Monniaux wrote:
>On 5 Jun 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:
>> He's speaking of the Win32 version here which of course looks and feels 
>> different than the usual win32 application. This feeling will change as 
>Let's add that the UI in the Win32 version is *BUGGY* (my mom runs it and
>there are some ugly glitches - and I'm not talking of the screwed-up
>support for tablets). So we should not take as "inadequate UI" what is
>actually bugs, pure and simple. We should be very careful with the Win32
>version since it may easily convey the wrong impression that Gimp, and
>free software in general, is buggy.
What do you suggest? Stopping the distribution of gtk/win32 apps ??
Yeah, the UI is a little buggy and it would be nice if there would 
have been the possibility/manpower to do some more polishing to get 
a better working Gtk+-1.4 version (Gtk/win32 "production" is based 
on Gtk-1.3 from March 2000), but IMHO it was dropped to get the 
world leading Gnome 2.0 desktop, which would render all win32
stuff useless anyway :-)

Until that happens I'll continue to try my best to keep Gtk 
working even on win32. IMHO the (bad) "looks and feels" reported
from win32 users are mostly not related to 'glitches' introduced
by the port, but cross platform issues like context menus nested
up to a fourth level or a rather visually un-appealing file io 
dialog, at least if it is not compared to the old Motif dialogs,
but decent ones ...

And as a reply to your next mail: If I would want my mom use
The Gimp, I would have run the installation for her, so all
the optimizations for the one time used appears rather wasted
to me.


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