At 21:25 06.06.01 +0200, Martijn Weisbeek wrote:
>At 10:24 06.06.01 +0200, David Monniaux wrote:

>> [... removed lot's of stuff I don't want to comment (anymore) ...]
>> Let's add that the UI in the Win32 version is *BUGGY* (my mom runs it and
>> there are some ugly glitches - and I'm not talking of the screwed-up
>> support for tablets). So we should not take as "inadequate UI" what is
>> actually bugs, pure and simple. We should be very careful with the Win32
>> version since it may easily convey the wrong impression that Gimp, and
>> free software in general, is buggy.
>Considering what TML writes on his webpage I find GIMPwin (1.2 december
>2000-release) quite stable. I use it almost on a daily basis for my
Which is IMHO the current official release for win32 ...

>The current release-version BTW is not a good advertisement. There's been an
>error while compiling somehow (which required some patches) and those
>patches have not been implemented in the download. 
What vesion are you refering to? Current CVS ? 1.2.1.tar.gz ?

>want GIMPwin 1.2 to not crash (e.g. when closing ScriptFU-generated images)
>you need to download and install the updates on tml's GIMPwin-website.
>BTW, to solve the tablet-problems one needs to start gimp.exe
>with --ignoretab (if I remember correctly).
Doesn't this disable the tablet support ?

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