Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> went out for some bug-hinting in the 1.2 wilderness tonight and came
> up with this list of beasts that are still alive and should be killed
> in 1.2 if possible:

Speaking of bug-hunting...

I couldn't build gimp 1.2 (with gcc 2.96 - RedHat's 7.0 prerelease) for
the first time recently because of the following line in
Line 230:
      gimp_option_menu_set_history (g_list_nth_data
        (GTK_CONTAINER (histogram_tool_dialog->channel_menu)), 1), 

The prototype for gimp_option_menu_set_history is 
void  gimp_option_menu_set_history (GtkOptionMenu      *option_menu,
                                    gpointer            user_data);
and GIMP_HISTOGRAM_VALUE is an enum value equal to 0. The problem is
hidden with a cast to gpointer.

My question is whether this is a compiler bug, or whether a constant 0
is valid as a gpointer value? Does this problem show up in the shiny new
gcc 3.0? Is it a case of just upgrading the compiler?


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