On Wednesday, 20 Jun 2001, Dave Neary wrote:

> The default "Made with the GIMP" comment is hard coded into
> plug-ins/common/xbm.c - and presumably into the others too. It seems to
> me that the easiest solution would be to include gtkrc in the relevant
> plug-ins, and do a read on the gimprc when loading the plug-ins.

No.  These plugins are sufficiently old that they pre-date parasites.
The correct thing to do is ensure that images have the right
"gimp-comment" parasite, and make all the plugins looks at it.

In the same way as freshly created images are defaulted to 72 dpi,
maybe they should also have a "gimp-comment" parasite added.  File
load plugins would then just override the parasite if the file format
includes a more specific parasite.  I believe current file load
plugins than know about parasites wouldn't need modification.

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