"Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Also I noticed that when saving TIFFs, sometimes the 'hard coded' 
> comment is used, sometimes the one I supplied in the preferences. The 
> difference seems to be between images that I acquired from the 
> Windows clipboard and images that I started with <File>/New. Is that 
> at all possible? 

Yes, it's exactly the problem described in the bug-report. Gimp does 
only attach a gimp-comment parasite to an image if it is created using
File->New. Other ways to create an image (Paste as New, Screenshot, 
Clipboard) do not attach the default comment. If you save an image that
has no comment parasite attached, the save plug-ins use their hardcoded

If we'd fix this by making gimp_image_new() attach a default comment 
parasite (just like it sets the default resolution), all images touched
by The GIMP would get the default comment unless they already have a 
comment and the respective load plug-in takes care of setting it as a

Another way to fix this is to change places like Paste as New, 
Screenshot, Clipboard etc. where images are created and let them take
care of attaching the default comment.

I don't consider this problem serious enough to insist on having it
fixed in 1.2. If it turns out that there is no simple solution, we'll
tackle this problem in the 1.3 tree.

Salut, Sven

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