On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 06:45:23PM +0900, Iccii wrote:
>I'm using the GIMP to creat image files for my web site.
>So, I want to know how much time is necessary for loading
>the images which is saved by jpeg or other file type.
>It's useful to show loading time in jpeg saving dialog.
>See attachment file if you interested in it.

IMHO, the JPEG dialog box is cluttered up enough as it is. In addition,
predicting loading speed is a much more difficult factor than just
taking the theoretical maximum of a line -- don't forget that one
usually loads a HTML file along with the image, for instance, and one
often has multiple images per page. In addition, server load etc. could
also influence this. Thus, I don't think such a number makes too much
sense :-)

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