On 20 Jun 2001, at 11:54, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 06:45:23PM +0900, Iccii wrote:

> >I'm using the GIMP to creat image files for my web site.
> >So, I want to know how much time is necessary for loading
> >the images which is saved by jpeg or other file type.
> >It's useful to show loading time in jpeg saving dialog.
> >See attachment file if you interested in it.
> IMHO, the JPEG dialog box is cluttered up enough as it is. In
> addition, predicting loading speed is a much more difficult factor
> than just taking the theoretical maximum of a line -- don't forget
> that one usually loads a HTML file along with the image, for instance,
> and one often has multiple images per page. In addition, server load
> etc. could also influence this. Thus, I don't think such a number
> makes too much sense :-)

I agree. There are too many variables influencing load time on the 
web. Any good web design reference will tell you what size to limit 
your files to. 

What would be nice though, and I hope I am not asking for something 
that already exists, is a web export filter that shows previews and 
file sizes of the same image in different formats.

branko collin
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