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> > > So, I want to know how much time is necessary for loading
> > > the images which is saved by jpeg or other file type.
> > > It's useful to show loading time in jpeg saving dialog.
> I agree too, this is useful. I know it is not exact science, but it at least
> gives you a rough estimate on what kind of loading times we are talking
> about with that image. Of course the webmaster should have brains to figure
> out these things. 

IMHO any web designer should have a clue what file sizes are tolerable and
should probably have a sheet of paper on his desk mapping file sizes to 
download speeds at a bunch of standard bandwidths. We shouldn't clutter the
dialog with this new feature especially since it will give the impression
that these numbers are real even though they can only give a rough estimation.

The feature might make sense in a Web Export plug-in which is something I'd
like to see for next generation GIMP. A Web Export plug-in should give
side-by-side comparisons of different formats at different compression levels
and since it will become a complex dialog anyway, the new feature might make
sense here. The average user is not even interested in putting his picture up
on a web-server, so we shouldn't put too much web-related stuff into standard
file plug-ins.

For Gimp-1.4, the common functionality of save and load plug-ins should go
into a special library so all the plug-ins have to do is implement the
loading and saving of the respective file format. Stuff like preview, size
calculation etc. should go into the library so all file plug-ins get a 
common look and feel.
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