On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 11:01:54AM +0100, thus said Austin Donnelly:
> On Wednesday, 20 Jun 2001, Iccii wrote:
> > I'm using the GIMP to creat image files for my web site.
> > So, I want to know how much time is necessary for loading
> > the images which is saved by jpeg or other file type.
> > It's useful to show loading time in jpeg saving dialog.
> > See attachment file if you interested in it.
> Its a nice patch.  I think it should get into the development CVS tree
> (but probably not the 1.2 stable branch, since this is definitely a
> new feature).

I agree too, this is useful. I know it is not exact science, but it at least
gives you a rough estimate on what kind of loading times we are talking
about with that image. Of course the webmaster should have brains to figure
out these things. I am more concerned about the all other options on the
JPEG dialog, I never use anything else than the compression slider. Of
course this is partly because the plugin used to crash if I moved the other
ones .. :)

I rarely see anything else but compression on other programs, do we really
need  those, or is it possible to simplify it by doing something like this:

        Quality: [---------[|||]----] 75%

        Image size vs. quality:
                 (*) I want better image quality
                 ( ) I want smaller files, even if it may look worse

Now the above probably makes no sense as a real life example, but I really
think we could improve the dialog by making it more task-oriented. 

I personally have no clue what "Restart markers" or DCT method of "Fast
integer" means in practice. So maybe someone who knows can look into this,
and try to think what options are really necessary, and if there is really a
point in showing some of them to the user, how to label it so you dont need
to be a member of the Join Photographic Experts Group to know how to use the
save dialog :-)

And yes, I am even a geek. There are users who are not. Gimp has a lot of
these obscure things, for example the TIFF save dialog:

        (*) None
        ( ) LZW
        ( ) Pack Bits
        ( ) Deflate
        ( ) JPEG

Now, I dont even know if there are any cases when you want to use a certain
setting, but if there is, it might be good to explain it a bit here somehow?

Also, speaking of TIFF plugin, if the LZW saving is not supported anymore,
it should be taken out as an option, instead have a small text label below
the choices saying what the popup dialog says: "Note: LZW compression is not
supported because of Unisys patent problems." or something.



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