On 20 Jun 2001, at 12:18, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 12:21:57PM +0200, Branko Collin wrote:

> >What would be nice though, and I hope I am not asking for something
> >that already exists, is a web export filter that shows previews and
> >file sizes of the same image in different formats.
> I've seen shareware programs for such things, and I considered
> implementing it in GIMP once, but I wrote the JPEG previewing
> functionality instead, which I find quite a lot cleaner and simpler to
> use (now, the _code_ sucks, but... ;-) ). :-)

The reason for comparing images in different file formats side by 
side, is that on the web, size matters. Although for most images it 
is fairly easy to predict which is going to be smaller, PNG or JPEG 
(or GIF or JPEG, if that is your thing), there is still a sizeable 
categorie of images for which you want to be able to compare, 
especially if image quality is also a matter of consideration).

A good web designer will always try out the two different file 
formats for every image, and a comparison tool helps make a huge time 
saving there.

branko collin
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