On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 04:40:41PM -0500, Kelly Martin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Why should we expect the GTK+ developers to keep their HEAD revision
> compilable at every moment?

because that's what they do, what gimp does, what every other project
does. if the head revision isn't compilable nobody can wotk with it.

> That is a completely unreasonable

It's completely reasonable ;)

> expectation in the first place.  If I were a GTK+ developer I would be
> asking that you NOT do what you're proposing because it creates

I am not proposing anything.

> in the GIMP (which it probably is not), I would strongly urge picking
> a relatively stable snapshot of GTK+ current development (possibly,
> but not necessarily HEAD today) and use that.  We might have to adjust
> later to any changes GTK+ makes to its HEAD after that snapshot, but
> at least we won't have to adjust to them willy-nilly as they make

As sven has said, they made an API freeze recently. That means they
are already pretty late in the development phase. I think it's totally
unreasonable to expect non-compilability on a regular base. How often
couldn't you compile gimp-1.1.2x?

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