Daniel Egger wrote:
> > I'm not not exagerating. A typical tip consists of multiple lines (2 to 5)
> > and you can't translate them line by line. My typical emacs setup shows
> > about 42 lines, while the typical distance between the original tip and the
> > translation will be around 40 to 100 lines with the solution you proposed
> > (not accounting for empty lines to achieve better readability). I don't
> > consider this a practical solution and I think Christian expressed the same
> > opinion independently of my mail.
> Can't you configure EMACS to only show relevant parts of the file? We
> could contribute such a configuration to make it easier to work with
> the translations. I could also write one for vim FWIW. Good XML editor
> can also show only relevant parts of a file with specified attributes
> set.

For all intents and purposes, this seems to me like the very wrong (and
broken, since it would only work for one editor, and still doesn't solve
other problems of keeping them in the same file) way to tackle the real
The real solution is simply to not force all translations to be edited
in the same file. They can however be stored in the same generated file
so that the application can easily access the data, but for humans it's
easier to have this data split up when editing.

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