Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Am Sam, 2001-10-06 um 19.05 schrieb 1002387943:
> > > That wasn't my point. I meant that it might be sensible for tips
> > > (instead of introducing the header kludge) and for plugin descriptions 
> > > because it makes them more versatile and not bound to the distribution.
> > I was referring to the tips and nothing but the tips.
> Me not. I'm always a step ahead. Would you mind telling me why you want
> to change the tips format, I must have missed that.

just to make it easier to translate it and maintain translations. At the
moment it reuqires a lot of work to merge changes in the original tips into
translations. We have been asked to change this if possible.

> > To edit your
> > language, you'd most probably have to have two editor views open since you
> > won't be able to get the original tip and your translation on the same
> > page.
> Please stop exagerating; a person that doesn't have a monitor that is
> able to display 26 lines at once is pretty poor anyway.

I'm not not exagerating. A typical tip consists of multiple lines (2 to 5)
and you can't translate them line by line. My typical emacs setup shows 
about 42 lines, while the typical distance between the original tip and the
translation will be around 40 to 100 lines with the solution you proposed
(not accounting for empty lines to achieve better readability). I don't
consider this a practical solution and I think Christian expressed the same
opinion independently of my mail.

Salut, Sven
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