Am Mon, 2001-10-08 um 03.53 schrieb 1002506022:

> > gettext and po
> > files are a dead end for modular applications because they only behave
> > well for monolithic and small applications; both of which GIMP
> > definitely isn't and for sure even less will be in the future.
> Evolution certainly isn't monolithic nor small, and yet it has scaled
> well to almost 3000 messages as of today.

Yes, and the point is? Evolution is using XML and xml-i18n-tools, but 
it has the slight "advantage" over GIMP that it's heavily relying on
GNOME components for remote activation and components. Though I'm using
it it's a huge bloaty, slow and buggy piece of software and it's for
sure not a good example for the way we should go with GIMP in the

> I sure agree with you here, but I'm fairly confident in that there will
> never any "ditching" until said alternative tools are a reality and
> tested in practice, and have extensive support.

We're talking about the development branch here. It's discouraged to
touch the translations at the moment and thus we have a lot of time
until the translator tools would have to be available, so no need to
worry now that there would be no "easy" way to work translations


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