I think that regardless of what the original format is, translators
should be given and work with po files.  Christian Rose is right in his
reasons.  I have a few more to add.
1) The translator can't accidentally edit the wrong place and mess up.
2) It is what translators are used to working with and comfortable
working with.  We should give the translators something they can easily
work with and can get lots of help on.  It is a lot easier than having
to write directions, risk having someone mess up the entire file, or
have to answer a lot of questions.  Using po just plain makes sense.

Prof: Seriously here... are you a translator?  I think you need to
consider the experience that menthos has with this situation.  If we
consider what we might end up with in the future (many more tips, more
complicated tips, more languages), it makes sense to plan po right now.

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