Am Son, 2001-10-07 um 16.42 schrieb 1002465752:

> I'm not not exagerating. A typical tip consists of multiple lines (2 to 5)
> and you can't translate them line by line. My typical emacs setup shows 
> about 42 lines, while the typical distance between the original tip and the
> translation will be around 40 to 100 lines with the solution you proposed
> (not accounting for empty lines to achieve better readability). I don't
> consider this a practical solution and I think Christian expressed the same
> opinion independently of my mail.

Can't you configure EMACS to only show relevant parts of the file? We
could contribute such a configuration to make it easier to work with 
the translations. I could also write one for vim FWIW. Good XML editor
can also show only relevant parts of a file with specified attributes


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