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> Prof: Seriously here... are you a translator?

It's not my job. Though you can imagine that I have some experience in
this area as I'm the one who introduced localisation to the GIMP and
wrote a big part of the first translation for it. I did this several
times with other applications as well so I know both the problems
of the implementation and the translationside. Should I mention that
not even the tools worked properly back then and fuzzy translation
was just a dream?

> I think you need to
> consider the experience that menthos has with this situation.  If we
> consider what we might end up with in the future (many more tips, more
> complicated tips, more languages), it makes sense to plan po right now.

I'm never planning for now but always for the future. gettext and po
files are a dead end for modular applications because they only behave
well for monolithic and small applications; both of which GIMP
definitely isn't and for sure even less will be in the future.

I like the idea of the XML tip-files with the xml-i18n-tools which will
transform between XML and .po for now because it's a good idea for the
future and as soon as the translators see the deficiencies of .po 
and/or new good tools for XML files we can easily ditch them and 
go for the right thing(TM).


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