On Mon, 08 Oct 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Daniel could you please take the discussion about UTF-8 and editors
> somewhere else?! Then, if you want to propose something that is GIMP
> related, please take your time to write up an elaborate proposal and
> try to explain your ideas in a way that allows us to discuss them
> in a constructive manner?! Last, but not least, please try to respect
> others people's work and opinions. Thank you very much.

Well, I was about to say something similar.  If you want to have a
discussion involving a re-organization of the translation of the Gimp,
then it would be better to _at least_ change the subject line to
something more appropriate.  The tips would be affected by the changes
that you are proposing, but that would only be a side effect of more
important changes.


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