Maybe I said this before, I can't remember, but "the standard" for trying
to describe generic metadata is Dublin Core. So before burning too much
midnight oil trying to organise metadata into neat categories at least
type "Dublin Core" into a search engine. Even if one decided that DC
itself was inappropriate for Gimp it does slice the cake up very neatly
and you can re-use that hard work :)

e.g. DC.Title = "Wilber.GNU" DC.Creator = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
     DC.Date = "2001-10-04"
     DC.Format = "image/png; 400x600"
     DC.Subject = "Unholy alliance; RPC; Image manipulation"
     DC.Publisher = "GNOME Press"

Oh, and if someone actually defines some metadata standards for Gimp
above and beyond those already described in the documentation for
parasites then I will do what I can to help implement them for PNG,
TIFF, PCX and any other file plugins I've been maintaining in the past.

BUT we need a metadata editor, just a simple little thing with N text
entry boxes that lets you change the metadata while changing the data
(as one would expect) rather than hacking it into each and every file
save dialog. Just IMO of course.

Maybe I can find some time at the weekend to get an alpha GTK+ version
and update this Red Hat system to run 1.3 CVS Gimp.

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