i am not spamming the list by sending the edits again, but they were fabulous.
i will add them tonight when i update it to reflect the new gripe to ignore
that i got with this latest CVS build.

but while all of these different shell commands are being added to the how-to,
maybe we should make a "how to compile the gimp tar-ball" for people who are
having problems with their distributions GIMP or supporting libraries.  i think
it would be good to have some help if you have never compiled a software 
package before.  so this how to could assume two things, no experience 
compiling GIMP and a bash shell with properly preset environment variables.

i learned about my computer from the GIMP backwards.  what i know about Linux,
pretty much, i learned so i could make the GIMP work better or give it support
for things it didn't have.  from this perspective, i think back to my early
days on Linux and with GIMP and a simple little compiling the GIMP tar-ball and
it's libraries successfully help, without learning the differences between the
shells and such would have been nice.  a how to for the people who want to
break free from their distribution but don't have a Unix system admin who is
being paid to help.

i was so frustrated by the simple fact that my distribution installed things
in /usr and gimp installed itself in /usr/local.  i hate to admit this on this
list, but only lately am i understanding why this happens and what to do about
it.  in all of the Linux world, from the information i have seen, i was only
told how to change it in ./configure not why and what to think about when 
deciding.  not removing old GIMPs properly kept me from being able to compile
guash and gimp-freetype also.

it would be nice to be able to go to www.gimp.org as a complete beginner and
once you have completed your journey though the information, go on to the more
advance groups, like GUG and GIMPi as a seasoned, yet unscathed Good GIMP User.


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