On 21 Jan 2002, Sven Neumann wrote:

> I believe 'which' is more commonly available. However the easiest way
> to find out if cvs is properly installed is to type 'cvs'. You'll either
> get "cvs: command not found" or usage information from cvs.

Good point.  I like the directness.  :)
> > In the "Compiling" section, there is another example using "whereis
> > aclocal".  This should also be changed.
> this could be changed in a similar way.

We have to be a little careful here, as in the off chance that
configure.in is written correctly and everything works right :) aclocal 
doesn't say anything.  That could confuse beginners.  ("I type aclocal and 
it didn't do anything!")

> Actually one should probably expect the user to have at least a little 
> experience using command-line tools. Otherwise she'll be lost anyway.

True, but it doesn't always follow that the name of the program you wish 
to run is the same as the package.  There is no pilot-link binary in 
pilot-link, for example.  There is a bunch of programs, such as 
pilot-xfer.  The user can't know that cvs is not a bunch of programs 
with different names, like pilot-link, unless they know a lot about their 
package manager.

Besides, just running the command is an easy way to tell if cvs is 
installed without getting into myriad distribution-specific topic.

While I do think that we should assume the reader is familiar with 
compiling the GIMP to some extent, we should also realize that they may 
never have dealt with auto* other than typing ./configure.


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