On 2002-01-20 at 1447.56 +0100, Ed Hunter typed this mail:
> is it intentional that you mention only how to get gimp 1.2, not HEAD?
i made the decision to make it into a 1.2 cvs GIMP, for several reasons.

i need content for a user oriented web site.

i think that if you are not able to access software via cvs and work through
basic compilation problems, like when to update ld.so and whatnot, you have
no business getting involved with the 1.3 branch.

i think that compiling the GIMP from a tarball source should be a prerequisite 
to this how to and compiling the stable gimp from cvs should be done before
compiling the development branch.  i don't know if you know this, but not all
of the distributions work properly.  you need to clean that up before you start
with all of the libraries needed for the development version.  and before you
bother people asking for help even.

we have big plans for the 1.3 how to.  a freakin whole build environment 
accessed by ./gimpenv where your environment variables will always be 
accurately set and you margin tabs too.

one thing at a time though.

what distribution do you use?


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