Rebecca J. Walter wrote:

> So read it and test it and critique it or feel the wrath of an angry
> bex!

Hi, bex,

some nit picks for your nice tutorial:

"... CVS installs itself into nicely named module directories ..."

   - not CVS, but the modules. Maybe it could be something like
     "software downloaded with CVS installs itself into nicely
      named directories called modules"

diff -u:
"... however it doesn't work with old versions of cvs on HPUX and other 
old UNIX machines, [and] diff -c should be used [there] instead. ..."

   - I feel that the sentence lacks something and I put it into the
     brackets. Maybe it's only my bad English :)

is it intentional that you mention only how to get gimp 1.2, not HEAD?

Jarda Benkovsky

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