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> Thanks.  I will have a look at it as soon as possible.  But as I wrote
> previously and as Dave agreed, it would probably make more sense to
> merge this code directly into the JPEG plug-in instead of requiring an
> additional library.

As this conflicts directly with my dislike to copy & paste instead of
using common libraries, I won't do that. See, libexif is needed by
gphoto2, a command-line frontend to libgphoto2. And libexif-gtk is used
by gtkam, a GTK frontend to libgphoto2. I hope that libexif will be used
by other exif tools, especially command-line tools. I am not willing to
keep several libexif versions together or to answer for incompabilities
among those. Perhaps someone else...

> Also, the GTK+ user interface should probably be
> converted to a separate plug-in to view and edit all file properties.

libexif-gtk is an EXIF editor. If someone wants to write a gimp-parasite
editor, this is ok. But I'd still like to give users the possibility to
access/edit all EXIF data, because a gimp-parasite editor will never be
able to cover all EXIF tags. Just think of MakerNote the contents of
which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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