On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 14:50, Raphael Quinet wrote:
> The only
> thing that should be checked is the usage of the "gimp-*" names, which
> should have a pre-defined name and type.

There are currently only one or two pre-defined names and types that
relate to EXIF data. Once you have defined the parasites, I'll come up
with a converter "parasites <-> EXIF data".

> Maybe we could also define
> the "exif-*" namespace as common, although it could also be
> "gimp-exif-*".

It would be _really_ easy if you used the tag names for those parasites,
i.e. gimp-exif-FillOrder or gimp-exif-SpectralSensitivity.

Besides, that would save you a lot of writing, as you can just point to
the EXIF reference for names.

By the way, libexif-0.3 and libexif-gtk-0.2 is out. If you use that, you
can even access the thumbnail embedded in the EXIF data using gimp-1.2.2
and my patches posted earlier. Again, just a proof of concept, but it

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