A potential UI for a textual metadata editor using Dublin Core's element
names (and of course internally it could use any parasite names that
were deemed fit, but since parasite names are arbitrary text strings it
might as well be DC.Creator, DC.Title etc.)

EXIF's "Artist" is DC's "Creator" and PNG's "Author" (by convention)
EXIF and PNG's "Copyright" is DC's "Rights"

There are also a number of useful generic metadata structures in EXIF
like the GPS data which could arguably be shared with other systems, and
might therefore deserve a gimp-foo parasite name.

One thing I can't seem to find out (maybe I'm looking in the wrong place)
is whether EXIF data is supposed to follow derived works or not. Some
contributors to this thread seemed to feel that it was important that
a Gimp image must always preserve the EXIF data, but this would only
make sense is EXIF is indeed a historical record of the source, and not
live metadata. Can someone clear that up (preferably with a reference
to an EXIF standards document or something) ?

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