On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 03:06:50PM +0000, I wrote:
> A potential UI for a textual metadata editor using Dublin Core's element
> names (and of course internally it could use any parasite names that
> were deemed fit, but since parasite names are arbitrary text strings it
> might as well be DC.Creator, DC.Title etc.)

(not a permanent link) 

This is a sort of sketch of a metadata plug-in for the GIMP. I am still
actively working on it for a day or two yet, but this is a snapshot so
that others can rip it apart while I sleep. It was built for GIMP 1.2

* gimptool --install dublin.c
* Create an image, bring up File/Metadata...
* Observe gimp-comment shown as well as several blank metadata fields
* Change some/none/all values  (optionally hit Close)
* Save image as XCF

* Load XCF image w/ metadata
* Look in File/Metadata to confirm that it survives save/ re-load

Problems? Suggestions? Should something like this go into 1.2.4 ? 1.3.x ?

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