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> But parasites _is_ one metadata structure. I don't see why nesting etadata
> structures inside each other is a good thing - to me it only complicates
> things. parasites were created for metadata. If they don't work well
> enough for that parasites should be improved, rather than becoming a
> legacy layer.

Ack. One change we definitely should make soon is to enforce UTF-8
encoding on all strings used in parasites (names and values if defined
as strings).

> And the most natural place for this is parasites, which exist only to hold
> metadata. If their definition isn't clear enough then this is the problem
> to solve. Adding yet another layer makes the situation worse, not better

exactly. If there's a need to improve the current parasites, let's do
that now. I could imagine that a more hierachical structure might
help, but I'd like to see a real usage case before we consider doing
such a change. Is the EXIF data such a usage case?

Salut, Sven
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