just in case that anyone out there feels bored and useless, here's a
list of things you can do to help us with GIMP-1.3 even if you can't
(or don't want to) code. The items appear in no particular order.

 (1) The CVS tree has two files that list ideas and open tasks for
     future development: TODO and TODO.xml. We'd like to get rid of
     these files and store all the good ideas in Bugzilla. Bugzilla
     has the advantage that people can add comments and that we can
     assign the bug-reports to milestones. The job that needs to be
     done here is to look through both files and for each indivual
     issue check Bugzilla if there is already a bug-report dealing
     with it. If not a new bug-report should be opened.

 (2) There are some files that list contributors and plug-in
     maintainers (namely the files PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS and
     tools/contributors). I'd like to keep this information in one XML
     file that is then used for several purposes: To extract info to
     display in the about dialog and to handle maintainance of
     plug-ins and bug-reports. The XML approach would have several
     advantages. It allows to specify an encoding, so we could use
     UTF-8 to be able to show contributor names in the way they are
     written natively. We can add all sort of meta information like
     email address, bugzilla account, CVS account and what parts of
     the code the specific person has contributed to or maintains.
     I'd welcome if someone could sit down and come up with a proposal
     how such an XML file could be organized. You don't need to write
     a DTD, an example would do.

 (3) The developers documentation as found in the devel-docs directory
     needs some work. I have updated the framework lately and I think
     the Makefile rules for extracting information from the source
     using gtk-doc are fine now. The SGML files as well as the
     comments in the code need some work however. Please let me know
     if you are interested to help out in this area.

 (4) I suspect the gimp-help crew could also need some help in
     converting the existing help files to DocBook-XML (IIRC, that was
     the plan) and in updating the help for GIMP-1.3. Please contact
     Mel Boyce <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> if you want to help out here.

 (5) Help with translations is always appreciated. If you are
     interested please read the file README.i18n in the source tree
     which should give you all the hints you need.

Salut, Sven

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