Am Sam, 2002-05-04 um 18.11 schrieb Ayose:

> I know well the XSLT specification, and I have written a lot of lines of
> XSLT ;)

That's good.

> Where is info about gimp-help? In
> there is no list for it :/,

Yes, mostly because there are almost no people behind it. :/

> but I have downloaded the gimp-help module
> for CVS. What can I do?, look at ;)

gimp-help is written in DocBook/SGML which is converted to HTML to be
suitable for online-browsing and the help-browser plugin for GIMP. There
are HTML and PS/PDF DSSSL stylesheets which can be used to produce
either the HTML or some (buttugly) PS/PDF file; also we have an
experimental DocBook->LaTeX converter written in python by me which
tends to produce much better PDF output.

The DocBook source is written such that the conversion to XML is merely
changing the DTD to an XML one; in short: it is already supposed to be
valid XML. It just hadn't been done so far because the tools were not
mature and fast enough last time I looked but if they were now....

So what we need is:
- A featurerich (and possibly FAST!) XSLT processor
- XSLT files and CSS stylesheets to produce XHTML which looks nice in
  nowadays webbrowsers
- XSLT files which produce output which is grokkable by the (new?)
  helpbrowser plugin; That means we either need simple HTML files for
  something like the current plugin or some other (new?) simple
  fileformat which allows for additional features which also need to be
  defined. This has to be discussed with the person(s) who will code
  that (and that certainly won't be me).

This need a lot of planning and someone with your experience can
possibly bring in some thoughts which would be really appreciated.


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