On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 01:31:27PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> just in case that anyone out there feels bored and useless, here's a
> list of things you can do to help us with GIMP-1.3 even if you can't
> (or don't want to) code. The items appear in no particular order.
>  (2) There are some files that list contributors and plug-in
>      maintainers (namely the files PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS and
>      tools/contributors). I'd like to keep this information in one XML
>      file that is then used for several purposes: To extract info to
>      display in the about dialog and to handle maintainance of
>      plug-ins and bug-reports. The XML approach would have several
>      advantages. It allows to specify an encoding, so we could use
>      UTF-8 to be able to show contributor names in the way they are
>      written natively. We can add all sort of meta information like
>      email address, bugzilla account, CVS account and what parts of
>      the code the specific person has contributed to or maintains.
>      I'd welcome if someone could sit down and come up with a proposal
>      how such an XML file could be organized. You don't need to write
>      a DTD, an example would do.


NAME       : AlienMap
AUTHOR     : Daniel Cotting ([EMAIL PROTECTED], http://www.mygale.org/~cotting)
SIZE       :  74.0 kB  in  1 file  (only C files counted)

That could be

   <name>Daniel Cotting</name>
   <email>[EMAIL PROTECTED]</email>
  <!-- There is no a maintainer, but the structure will be the same that
  author -->
 <files amount="1">
   <size scale="kB">74.0</size>
   <comment>only C files counted</comment>
 <comment><!-- blank --></comment>

If you need help with a XSLT I will help you pleased :-)

Ayose Cazorla León
Debian GNU/Linux - setepo
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