Am Sam, 2002-05-04 um 18.16 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> I'd say we port the help_browser plug-in to GtkHtml2. It's able to
> render quite sophisticated stuff (see
> Porting the plug-in should be pretty straightforward. The API is not
> compatible but similar.

Fine with me. Still it might make sense to have a different XSLT file
for the HTML files for the helpbrowser because online help makes mostly 
sense when one can read about and try to apply the just learned instead
of having to switch between a big window and the application which is
what the documentation for the normal browser would probably be
optimised for. Also it might make sense to allow the helpbrowser to fire
events for GIMP for demonstration or help purposes which would require
use to have special information in the help.

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