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Cool. You say on that page:

| for some reason, CVS builds have more dependencies than tarball builds.

At least one such reason (I'm not sure whether it's the only one) is
that the CVS repository does not include files, the
configure script and its various helper files ( and friends).

Leaving them out of CVS is Right, because they are automatically
generated from the eventual source files by automake and autoconf. If
CVS knew about them, spurious "changes" would be recorded each time a
developer commits a working directory where he has built something
with sligtly different versions of automake or autoconf.

This may also place more complex requirements on the installation of
dependencies like pkgconfig where not the tool itself but the file
with its associated autoconf macros needs to be located during the
build process.

Likewise, the template script for libtool is included in the tarballs,
but the CVS source expects to be able to copy it from an installed
libtool package (on my machine the cvs tree's had trouble
finding libtool, probably because it somehow doesn't like the way I
tried to do a nonroot install of gtk+-2.0 on top of a system-supplied

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