I just wrote up a page listing the packages I installed to build
various versions of the gimp on my Redhat and Debian machines
(in addition to whatever I previously had installed).
It's mostly a set of notes to myself to make it easier in case I want
to build on other machines, but I thought making it public might make
life easier for other people who were getting started building the gimp.


Of course, this doesn't address the issue of where Phil should get these
packages for Solaris, but maybe having a list of package names will make
it a little easier to do searches for the packages.

The list for the CVS tip is the list of what got me through configure.
I'm hitting the same anon cvs problems that others have mentioned,
resulting in build errors because I don't have the most current
versions of some files (for instance, gimpunits.c seems to be out of
date, and gimplist.[ch] are each one rev behind where they should be).
Fortunately the 1.3.7 tarball builds fine, so the CVS problem isn't
a big problem for me.  Phil, have you tried building a tarball rather
than CVS?  You might have an easier time of it.

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