Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > explaination note for a default that make perl programmers behave
> > strangely with gimp. by default, gimp perl modules doesn't export
> > functions, which makes perl programmers became fool ...
> I don't understand this patch nor the explanation you give. But then
> I don't know much about Perl.

one of my coworker tried one day to write perl stuff for gimp but got
mad since he wasted two hours before understanding the doc was wrong
since some stuff didn't got imported into namespace, which is what use
is intended to do.

> > this one is needed so that perl plugins're able to be compiled :
> what is it you want us to say here? Perl plug-ins don't compile for
> you?

yes. gimp-1.1.23 didn't fully compiles without this one, and since
that day, we've always applied this patch.

> > this one forces the font selection dialog to only accept scalable
> > fonts (which isneeded since gimp forces the dpi of the font to dpi
> > of the image, and so fails on non-scalable fonts) :
> this is only true if the user chooses to enter the size in Points.

you see, distro maintainer job is to make programs that works for
everybody :-)

> The gimp-1-2 CVS tree already has some changes that addresses this
> problem. See

the bug really is that gimp try to apply image dpi to the font
setting, and fonts don't provides/support all dpi settings.
it'll work with "classic" dpi setting ... but not for everybody.
if you create an image with a strange resolution *then* you'll enter
the devil lands :-(

as far as i can see, this has nothing to do with anti-aliasing but the
fact that gimp blindy try to force font to enforce the image
resolution even for non scalable fonts which cannot do this by
hence the patch.

> well, that's your problem. Shouldn't KDE use another name since
> libmpeg has been around for longer? Or am I wrong here?

you're right: this is why i will never submit it to you as i said :-)

> Could you please check Bugzilla for existing bug-reports regarding
> your problems and attach your patches to these reports or open new
> bug-reports. Thanks a lot.

humm. once the bug is spotten and a fix is availlable, i see no point
to use such db but it's just my 2 cents.

"ca fait pas "homme" d'aller voir le medecin" (gc)

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