Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> well, my position in this thread is a bit biased since me and other
> GIMP developers have spent lots of their free time hunting down bugs
> that turned out to be caused by buggy GTK+ themes Mandrake used to
> ship.

which ones ? i've only got bug reports about crash caused by eazel gtk
engine. if you want me to fix something, mail me :-)

> Please excuse if I've sounded harsh, but you can upset most core
> gimp developers just by silently mumbling the word "Mandrake" when
> they're around.

i don't understant "mubling"

> This is no personal offense and I promise I'll try hard to restore a
> neutral position regarding Mandrake.

well, our goal is the same: making the world better through free
softwares, so if i can do something so that gimp developpers get
happier, just tell me.

"ca fait pas "homme" d'aller voir le medecin" (gc)

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