Thierry Vignaud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> i can buy that even if my experience is that 90% of bugs tracked by
> such system belong to:
> - non bugs
> - help request
> - assigned to random modules
> - doesn't provides any useful information beside "XYZ sucks",
>   sometimes with the useful reply-adress <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

we've put a lot of work into the bug-tracker lately and almost all
bugs reported are handled very quickly. Non-bugs are immidiately
closed as NOTABUG, help-requests sometimes get some help and are then
also closed. If bug-reports lack important information we ask the
reporter to add them and the mark the bug as NEEDINFO until this

Of course well-done bug-reports make our life easier and the ones
you've submitted don't fall into this category. But then Bugzilla
isn't that easy to handle and you said already that you don't like web

Salut, Sven
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