Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Of course well-done bug-reports make our life easier and the ones
> you've submitted don't fall into this category.

i love you too :-) 

i'm open to enhancements ... i must admit i send bug reports very
seldom but gots several ones on each day the Big Root offers us :-)

as for now, i didn't receive any info request :-)

> But then Bugzilla isn't that easy to handle and you said already
> that you don't like web interfaces...

well, has dead links and lacks a patch upload tool
(unless i miss it but i don't see this possibility in submission

at least, it works with links :-)

and also, i've a strong mood against web interfaces, feeling faster to
deal with mail/irc...
for all bug reports i got, mail reported ones were always faster to
get good information/tests/... from.

anyway, my position is biaised since: 

- as lots of the 200+ packages i maintain're (relatively)
  small/simple, they've few authors and it's easy and fast to works
  with them by mail.

- i deal with the communauty that exists around our permanent /
  perpetual / developement distro (cooker) through mail

in both case, we ended in relations with (well-)known people we can
trust for ideas, enhancements, bug reports, ... (in both directions)

gimp doesn't exactely belong to such situation.  but i can learn to
deal better with the way the gimp devel team works :-)

"ca fait pas "homme" d'aller voir le medecin" (gc)

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