Thierry Vignaud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> well, bugzilla.gnome.org has dead links and lacks a patch upload tool
> (unless i miss it but i don't see this possibility in submission
> form).

this is a bit akward. You need to submit the bug-report first. You can
then go to the page that has been created for your bug-report and add
attachments there. Yes, this sortof sucks...

> and also, i've a strong mood against web interfaces, feeling faster to
> deal with mail/irc...

I'd also very much welcome if there was a mail interface for Bugzilla.

> for all bug reports i got, mail reported ones were always faster to
> get good information/tests/... from.
> anyway, my position is biaised since: 
> - as lots of the 200+ packages i maintain're (relatively)
>   small/simple, they've few authors and it's easy and fast to works
>   with them by mail.
> - i deal with the communauty that exists around our permanent /
>   perpetual / developement distro (cooker) through mail

well, my position in this thread is a bit biased since me and other
GIMP developers have spent lots of their free time hunting down bugs
that turned out to be caused by buggy GTK+ themes Mandrake used to
ship. Please excuse if I've sounded harsh, but you can upset most core
gimp developers just by silently mumbling the word "Mandrake" when
they're around. This is no personal offense and I promise I'll try
hard to restore a neutral position regarding Mandrake.

Salut, Sven
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