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> The details are in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55735
> This has been fixed in Mandrake 8.0 one year ago, but we still got a
> duplicate bug report related to it this year.  And it took a while
> for us to figure out that these apparently unrelated bugs were all
> caused by the broken GTK+ theme shipped in the default Mandrake
> distribution.  Not a big deal, but annoying anyway...

ok, i just looked at mandrake_desk changelog, we speak about the same
bug, ie the eazel themes bugs...
you then know who dit it ... :-)

i didn't understant at first since you speak about "default mdk theme"
whereas :
- the only bug of this specie i known whas eazel one 
- the installation just install some packages in each packages
  sections selected by the user in newbie installation.  but this term
  was used by mdk updates team

> > well, our goal is the same: making the world better through free
> > softwares, so if i can do something so that gimp developpers get
> > happier, just tell me.
> On a more serious side, you could try to convince the KDE developers
> to avoid using the name "libmpeg" that conflicts with the original
> libmpeg that has been around for quite a while.  This would avoid
> some compilation problems on Mandrake systems.

[tv@ke rpm]$ urpmf libmpeg

the problem is that now they'll probably claim it'll break
source compatibility... :-(
and worse, one of the kde project goal is to remains binary compatible
in Y branch.
the question is: is kde's libmpeg only used in kdemultimedia ? if yes,
this may be fixed in a simple manner.

i've already made them changed their mind when i was ImageMagick
maintainer: mosfet just put ImageMagick in kde because he wanted to
use an altered version of it ...
i noticed it immediatly whan it conflicted with libMagick5-devel :-(

hopefully they've stopped to do this. but others projects (eg mplayer)
continue to "cvs_steal" other projects (but at least mplayer doesn't
comew with shared libs that would conflicts)

> Ça dépend du type d'opérations pratiquées par le médecin...

i won't translate for those who don't undertand french :-)

Toutes les grandeurs de ce monde ne valent pas un bon ami. (Voltaire)

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