On 2002-12-04 at 1831.12 +0100, Rapha?l Quinet typed this:
> >From the list on www.gimp.org, the only developers who are still active
> are Sven Neumann (neo in CVS logs), Michael Natterer (mitch) and Manish
> Singh (yosh).  The other people listed there haven't contributed much in
> the last months.
as the owner of several gimp source trees, i sort of trust that the 
AUTHORS file included in each tree is up-to-date and includes everyone 
who touched the gimp source in some way as it appears in that tree.  now 
i wonder how this file is updated.  

> (importance of latest contributions?  but who would estimate that?).
only a complete idiot would probably attempt such a thing. let me

A Fairly Good List of GIMP Contributions:
--the last 10 or the last 24 hrs of entries would be interesting--
  from gnome annoncvs (updated once daily):
    gimp ChangeLog
    gimp-1-2 ChangeLog
    gimp-help ChangeLog
    gegl ChangeLog
  from sourceforge anoncvs (need info on updates):
    gimp-print (a cvs changelog could be gotten)
    filmgimp ChangeLog
  from gnome bugzilla (once a day would be enough)
    bug reports upon the first change
    bug reports marked as FIXED
  from registry.gimp.org (again, a once a day query)
    new plug-ins
    modified plug-ins

i might have left something out.  please feel free to add and subtract
from this list.  i actually had a script that would query the registry,
but my cable company moved the site on me.

> > > Who is actively working on GIMP?
> > 
> > http://cvs.gnome.org/lxr/source/gimp/ChangeLog
> Another way to see this is to have a look at the CVS checkins in the
> last week (about 168 hours).  This link will give you the full list
> including the number of lines of code added or changed by each
> contributor.  But do not call this too frequently, because this query
> puts some strain on the server:
>   http://cvs.gnome.org/bonsai/cvsquery.cgi?dir=gimp&date=hours&hours=168
it is such simple information, and a daily looksee would be plenty,
which could be gotten from any computer that updates from two annon
servers every day.

i could provide an html template for anyone interested in helping me to
figure out how to get these files out of my cvs trees and off from the

or, we can wait for me to figure out how to do it.

> In summary, the most active developers are Mitch and Sven who get the
> lion's share, followed by Yosh, Maurits Rijk, Dave Neary and some others
> who contribute from a few dozens to a few hunded lines of code or
> documentation per week.  There are also some contributions through
> Bugzilla, but this is harder to evaluate.
i would like to see what they are up to more easily than i can now.

all of them.  you too, if you are working on The GIMP.  :)

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