Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On 2002-12-04 at 1831.12 +0100, Rapha?l Quinet typed this:
> > >From the list on www.gimp.org, the only developers who are still active
> > are Sven Neumann (neo in CVS logs), Michael Natterer (mitch) and Manish
> > Singh (yosh).  The other people listed there haven't contributed much in
> > the last months.
> > 
> as the owner of several gimp source trees, i sort of trust that the 
> AUTHORS file included in each tree is up-to-date and includes everyone 
> who touched the gimp source in some way as it appears in that tree.  now 
> i wonder how this file is updated.  

from time to time I add people who have made contributions. It may
thus very well be that the file is not uptodate.

About a year ago I asked for volunteers to port the authors file to
XML and volunteered to do the necessary hacking in the gimp about
dialog. Unfortunately there wasn't much response and we are still
stuck with the plain old text file.

However I don't think we want to build this file automatically from
CVS. We often apply patches from people that don't have CVS commit
access. I'd like to see the names of the patch authors in the list of
contributors but it's not trivial to extract them from the ChangeLog
entries. So perhaps we should continue to update the file manually.

Salut, Sven

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