> one person understood my request though :)  Robin Rowe volunteered with
> some scripting.  i had really thought that there were enough people in
> the various gimp places, clever and talented people, that this would not
> be an issue.  Robin volunteering was a nice spot in my day, however, i
> was hoping that some of those gimp people whom  are just typing away at
> email or into an irc window to help so that actual gimp work did not
> suffer.

I'm glad my note cheered you. Thanks for letting me know. My helping you
couldn't make "actual gimp work" suffer. At most it might delay my finishing
the Windows port of Film Gimp. ;-)

By the way, the release of Mac Film Gimp was announced today.

> i had this week off from work, which is a very very rare thing.

You work? Didn't you say you don't believe in money, that you oppose on
principle open source developers being paid?

Pardon my curiosity. Are you working for free? What do you do?



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