On 2002-12-06 at 1526.22 +0100, Rapha?l Quinet typed this:
> It looks like there was a misunderstanding about what you were trying to
> do. The discussion started around an attempt to get an updated version
> of the list of GIMP contributors.  When you posted your questions and
> proposal, I thought that you intended to update the AUTHORS file
> automatically, because it was not obvious that you were talking about
> something different.
> Sorry for not understanding you correctly.  But next time, please
> explain clearly what your goals are.  ;-)
i have been living eating breathing this damn web site for too long.  i
cannot share things about it until i advance with it.  i cannot advance 
without sharing it.

perhaps we can move it to a server where it can be shared?

i am not ready to move it to another cvs server.  i am happy to give cvs
access.  i could prolly even wheedle through getting annoncvs access as

i am having problems though, where i see everyday web business and get
all excited about a simple web solution.

there was an idea of a gimp cookbook on the irc.  this one idea has done
so much to destroy my life and happiness, i cannot tell you.  now, i
cannot see people getting script help without feeling dismay at all the
knowledge that continually gets lost because there is no apparatus to
store it nicely.  i can't stand it sometimes.

> > i am not going to change this by hand everyday.  
> Yes, this makes sense now that the context is clear.
i dunno why i have to constantly remind Sven that they made me vow not
to ever touch the gimp source.  you can trust that any of my ideas since
then are only how to use what is there already.  if i need a change, i
will ask nicely through bugzilla i guess.

so, when i am typing incoherently due to frustration, secrets and an
inability of mine to keep a secret, please give me the benefit of the
doubt and don't be so damn protective of your precious source.  i
promised not to touch it already and have been not touching it, thank


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