On 2002-12-06 at 0001.06 -0800, Robin Rowe typed this:
> Carol,
> You work? Didn't you say you don't believe in money, that you oppose on
> principle open source developers being paid?
> Pardon my curiosity. Are you working for free? What do you do?
i sell groceries for a small family owned chain of discount grocery
stores here in Michigan.  and i love it.  too bad they can't give me
more of that imaginary stuff to do this job.  i am pretty good at these
fast paced service based jobs.  this whole world would cease to function
if they were ever to pay me as much of that imaginary stuff as i am

most of this income goes for shelter, heat and light, and
transportation.  just because i don't believe in it doesn't mean my
landlord doesn't.

i have not spent one cent on software.  i suck.

poor free software developers have g/f's, children, rent/mortgage, 
beverage and smoke needs, etc.  windows users are used to paying for 
software, or going some lengths to steal it.  i am glad  to see that 
the free software people are able to find some of this money.  on a 
similar note, i have about 5 Borders Bookstores nearby that i frequent.  
i have taken on the job of moving the gimp books into the photoshop 
section where they sell.  they were getting dusty on the linux shelves. 

it is tempting to have a long chat about the acquistion of my computer
and working with the fickle finger of fate, rather than money to get it.
if you would like more about that, please email me in private ;)
truthfully, i did use some money to get it.

being a citizen of the usa, there are alot of crappy stupid imaginary
systems that i have to work within.  

anyways, here is an ogg http://carol.gimp.org/14-I_Am_A_Grocery_Bag.ogg
that will help you to understand my work day and what i like about it.
(They Might Be Giants, from their childrens album.  good stuff)

one fact so far in my life is this:  the amount of money i give for
something rarely has anything at all to do with the value or quality of
the item.  another fact:  some of the best things *are* free.


(ps, i guess that winamp can play oggs, if you are on a windows box)

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