> A Fairly Good List of GIMP Contributions:
> --the last 10 or the last 24 hrs of entries would be interesting--
>   from gnome annoncvs (updated once daily):
>     gimp ChangeLog
>     gimp-1-2 ChangeLog
>     gimp-help ChangeLog
>     gegl ChangeLog
>   from sourceforge anoncvs (need info on updates):
>     gimp-print (a cvs changelog could be gotten)
>     filmgimp ChangeLog
>   from gnome bugzilla (once a day would be enough)
>     bug reports upon the first change
>     bug reports marked as FIXED
>   from registry.gimp.org (again, a once a day query)
>     new plug-ins
>     modified plug-ins
> i might have left something out.  please feel free to add and subtract
> from this list.  i actually had a script that would query the registry,
> but my cable company moved the site on me.
> it is such simple information, and a daily looksee would be plenty,
> which could be gotten from any computer that updates from two annon
> servers every day.
> i could provide an html template for anyone interested in helping me to
> figure out how to get these files out of my cvs trees and off from the
> web.  
and onto a web page.

> or, we can wait for me to figure out how to do it.
it seems like the people involved with The GIMP are already doing an
enormous amount of work, or would prefer to watch the walls.  i wonder
if "thesis" is german for "work on an ircbot" even.

i am so interested in getting the web site for 1.2 off from my computer
and start work for the wgo-1.4.  as it is, i cannot even share the

i had this week off from work, which is a very very rare thing.  i had
really wanted to move things during this week where my time was
uninterupted, but the last commit to the cvs module for the site (that 
wasn't me) was on November 26. and now my week is almost over.

i have the week of December 15 to 21 off also.  i am going to wait a few
days to see if someone off from the list would like to help me with
these scripting needs, then i really must get this site out of my life
and off my computer.  so if no one here is interested, perhaps a trip to
the perl monks would help me to get these little things done.

one person understood my request though :)  Robin Rowe volunteered with
some scripting.  i had really thought that there were enough people in
the various gimp places, clever and talented people, that this would not
be an issue.  Robin volunteering was a nice spot in my day, however, i
was hoping that some of those gimp people whom  are just typing away at 
email or into an irc window to help so that actual gimp work did not

Sven, nothing in your post offended me.  mostly i felt bad as i tried to
tag the AUTHORS file way back then.  i seem to have issues with tags.
maybe if you could whip together a template, i could work rocks script
into spitting the AUTHORS out an xml form to your liking.  his little 
script already does this nicely:
should be simple enough for even me to change the web page into whatever
xml tags you see fit.

a long time ago, Sven and mitch made me promise not to touch The GIMP
source if i were going to take on the web site.  i really think i have
lived up to my end of that bargin.  it has been so long now, perhaps you
could start to assume that my intentions are *never* with the GIMP
source.  i have been very very good about following this rule, i

the source is a good thing to mine for information that makes it look
like someone cares for the web site, however.  

i am so frustrated and disillusioned, that i am probably making it sound
like i haven't had help with the web site so far.  this is not true.  the 
tutorial section is almost finished, due to the work of one person, not me.  
and the outlay of the site, a nice simple ssi thing was put into place by 
someone not me.  and it works very nicely.  

as i mentioned earlier, Rock wrote a script that drops the AUTHORS into
a page, and prolly i would be able to work with that and get what i
need.  but it is a bad thing when the existence of a web site about such
a cool app as The GIMP is, relies  on one girls learning curve.  bad and 

i am sure i could get the perl monks to help ...


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