On 10-Dec-2002, Sven Neumann wrote:
> the plan is not to have 16 bit or 32 bit or floats but to offer a
> framework that allows to handle image data more or less independently
> of its representation. GEGL is the framework and it already supports
> floating point, 8bit and 16bit integer. Adding more data formats
> shouldn't a the major problem.

This is why I want film gimp to use gegl at its core, instead of the old gimp
engine. Gimp and Film Gimp cant be limited in any way in the core of the
program, so being able to support any bitdepth is extreamly important.

Though, what needs to happen is that the internal rendering core, and all
plugins need to support _atleast_ one major format, and that would be RGB/RGBA 
32-bit float (aka spfp) per channel. 

Preferably, gegl would choose the best format (RGBA spfp for RGB, CYMK spfp 
for CYMK, and maybe a YUV spfp format? That could be useful for film gimp)
for rendering and data transmission between modules/plugins. (It would choose
the highest bitdepth option for the colorspace.)  

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